Quick tips about teamwork

Our company believes strongly in the power of teamwork and promote it inside our walls as well as in the events we participate in. We strive to perform at a 5-Star level with our guests, one another, and in our community. Recently the stylists donated individually and raised over $600 to form a bowling team for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Salina to help hundreds of children in our community.

This years Bowl for Kid’s Sake reached record high donations! We’re so proud to have played a part to benefit so many.

Want to know how we stand as a unit and encourage all to participate? Our company knows everyone has a voice; can express it, and we acknowledge it! First, we require our team to participate in a monthly meeting, and incorporate team based training in leadership, advanced skill training, and business. There we brain storm, develop healthy competition, and recognize each individual unique quality.

Second, we create a beautiful, clean, organized, and warm environment for everyone to walk into. We deal direct, do not tolerate gossip, and have a staff that is highly educated, motivated, and effective.

And last, we recently collaborated with an area salon to help boost motivation! We have an open line of communication to bounce ideas, compare goals, and share success stories. It has proven extremely successful creating this professional relationship with a company who believes in the same standards.

Thanks for checking us out!

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