What inspires you?

Did you know?

There are over 222,000 salons in the U.S. today

With an average of 5.1 chairs

Reported $711 Million total sales in color last year

Men’s color hitting a high of $113.5 Million

(Increasing 50% in just 5 years)

Nearly 75% of women reportedly color their hair

In 1950 it was only at 7%

An average woman in America spends $50,000 on hair throughout the course of their life time

And 30% of a women’s total income goes toward beauty products and service.

In today’s world and reported numbers like the ones seen above, it has taken the world of hairdressing to another level. Not only do we have to have the understanding of beauty but to be willing to overcome the regular box dye that department stores carry. Now-a-days just “anybody” can get ahold of color and find a way to slap in on their hair. So we, as a stylist become students for life. Our money goes into educating ourselves, looking for the next best cut, color or style and what the hottest celebrities are wearing. We always ask ourselves, how I can incorporate that behind the chair?

This is where as myself as a stylist, gets inspired.

Inspiration is everywhere.

Today I will be talking about some of where the new and upcoming trends of today have been inspired from and the twist and secrets to incorporate that to my clientele.


Hair inspired through the ages.

The styles will always live in its time, but today we can modernize and bring back some of the hottest trends from the past. Don’t be scared to “rock out” your hair from an old era.

Just make sure to keep it updated to today’s style.

1950’s Pin curls


1960’s Bob


1970’s Waves


1980’s Mullet


Hair inspired through nature.

Remember when I said inspiration is everywhere? That’s right; inspiration in hair color is right outside.

One of the biggest and upcoming trends is seeing a reflection of color. We are now stepping away from seeing the typical highlight lowlight streaks in hair.

Now hair is very soft and organic like. You get a melting effect of highs and lows from color to color.

Color Outside…

To color placement of the head

Hair inspired through the streets

We call this trend imperfect perfection.

This all started when kids back in the day couldn’t afford color. They would take at-home bleach to lighten their own hair and color it with Kool-Aid to give it color of their own.

This is where we see the celebs are with pastel colors and the new trend of “dipped ends”.

It’s like the old trend of 90’s grunge has made its way back!


Hope you got INSPIRED by this blog.

The girls at the Hair Loft are always looking for “what’s new” in beauty and fashion.

Let us help you find your inspiration.


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