This season there are no rules to what is “in” when it comes to your nails! Looking to try something different? Here are a few ideas I’ve found to vary your look and expand your idea of what’s fashionable.

First let’s take a look at the simple, clean, bare nail. Just because there is no polish involved doesn’t mean you get to skip out on that routine manicure. The care and condition of your nail and cuticle is key to pulling off this look.  Have your stylist buff and shine your nails with oil to moisturize and maintain the health of your skin, nail, and cuticle to keep your hands looking young and well cared for.


If you love polish and feel like you’ve tried multiple trends/colors, try the nude look. Make sure to choose a complimentary color for your individual skin tone.  Shake it up a little by adding an accent nail like in this photo.


Ready to try something a little more exotic and adventurous? Take a peek at the Reverse French Tip manicure! A new spin on the classic French Tip. Try various colors, mattes, glitters, and more!


Ombre is hot hot hot in hair right now, so why not try it on your nails? Whether the technique is shown on each individual nail or hand as a whole produces the effect, ombre on your nails is sure to score a double take!


Last look to try out this season is the Diamond Diva! This is great for a night out, special occassion, or just to stand out! Try it on all your nails or use as an accent, either way this nail art is stunning and exciting!



Hope this opened you up to trying something new! Ask us today how you can achieve one of these looks!




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